Forthcoming EGF Events

19th EGF Symposium on "Grassland resources for extensive farming systems in marginal regions: major drivers and future scenarios"

27th EGF General Meeting on "Sustainable Meat and Milk Production from Grassland"


The main EGF events are EGF General Meetings and EGF Symposia held in the different Member Countries of the Federation.

EGF Symposium

EGF Symposia which are held in the odd years between two EGF General Meetings deal with more specialised topics, which because of their restricted nature, are not of interest to all members. The programme for a Symposium runs along similar lines but is based on a three-day period (usually Monday-Wednesday). The afternoon of the second day is usually reserved for a mid-conference tour. There is no Business Meeting in the Closing session.

Next EGF Symposium: EGF2017

EGF General Meeting

EGF General Meetings deal with subjects of broad interest and therefore all member organisatons of the Federation are invited. EGF General Meetings are held every two years. They include scientific and social programmes and an EGF Business Meeting. The programme for an EGF General Meeting is based on a four day period (generally Monday-Thursday). One afternoon (generally Tuesday) is reserved for a mid-conference tour to research institutions and farms.

Next EGF General Meeting: EGF2018