EGF - Committed to European grasslands since 1963

Our vision

Support sustainable and resilient grassland systems

Our motto/slogan

Connecting people to face the future challenges of grassland use in Europe

  • The Mission of the European Grassland Federation (EGF) is to be the leading research and knowledge exchange platform in Europe dealing with all aspects concerning grasslands.

  • As an independent non-profit membership organization EGF actively links all associations, institutions and individuals interested in grassland issues from more than 30 European member countries and thereby promotes the exchange of knowledge among professionals and raises new challenges for grassland use by identifying or taking up new research questions and initiating research.

  • The EGF network is structured by geographic and climatic regions and enables rapid and efficient exchange of information and access to diverse expertise. EGF therefore has a great potential for competently supporting the EU Commission and other interested bodies in determining the strategic direction of agricultural research and policy.

  • EGF promotes young scientists by awarding outstanding work, offering specific training events and facilitating access to its own scientific conferences.

  • EGF honours individuals, who are characterized by special merits for grassland research and extension activities and services within the EGF.


EGF is a forum for research workers, advisors, teachers, farmers and policy makers with active interest in all aspects of grasslands in Europe. These aspects include management of all types of grasslands for production, utilization, amenities and conservation purposes.

EGF has as its objectives:

  • to facilitate and maintain close contact between Grassland Organizations in Europe
  • to promote the interchange of scientific and practical experience between grassland experts
  • to initiate conferences and other meetings on all aspects of grassland production and utilization in Europe.

Membership is open to National or Representative Grassland Organizations in Europe

Member Countries

Executive Committee